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Daffney is a professional wrestler who made her debut in the business for WCW in December 1999. She has worked for TNA, WCW and many Independent promotions such as SHIMMER, ROH, XPW, ACW. She is also known as The Scream Queen, Zombie Hot and the Goth Goddess. Daffney currently works for SHINE wrestling on iPPV.

13 Dec 2013 | SHINE 15 iPPV
Ybor City, FL - SHINE 15


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A long overdue picture update now! I’ve gathered candids from all 5 SHINE iPPV’s and added some of them to the gallery, there is more to come so stay tuned though. Full credit must go to Slammin’ Ladies and also Jon for the use of these photos of Daffney. And for those of you asking, the pics of Daffney used in the sites layout are from SHINE 2 and were given to me for use for the sites layout from the photographer with his permission. You can however view these copyrighted images with watermarks on them at mammoth’s Photos along with other photos from other SHINE ppv’s. Enjoy looking at all these great pictures of our Scream Queen!

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Thought I’d post this 30 minute long video of Daffney from 2002 where she is being interviewed backstage at a Fozzy gig. Really interesting interview for all Daffanatics so check it out if you haven’t already!

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Thanks to the always amazing Cristy of, the gallery is now fixed and has a brand new cool purple theme! I love the new theme and think it was long overdue. I’ve uploaded some new photos to the gallery, including screen captures of Daffney from Daytime TV, 2 SHINE promos, Twitter pics and other candids. Always check out the “Latest Images” section of the gallery to see all the newest uploaded pics. BTW, anyone with candids/screen caps from SHINE1 or SHINE2 please send them along to and full credit to the picture owners, as always, will be given! Thanks.

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Daffney has 4 new e-bay items up for bid. The first item is a double disc DVD called Daffneys Double D’s Uncensored which features an array of custom matches for High Spots. The second item is an 8×10 of Daffney in her TNA knockouts photo shoot naughty nurse gear signed and personalized for the winning bidder. The third item is a real gem, it’s the actual chain mail bra she wore in her first ever TNA knockout photo shoot as Daffney – you will also receive a signed 8×10 and trading card if you’re the winning bidder. The fourth and final item is Daffneys Red Hot Rasslin DVD featuring Daffney in a bunch of some of her best Indie matches! Do not miss out on winning any of these great new items! Happy bidding!

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Good news for all you Shark Marks out there – you can now pre-order this awesome new Shark Girl t-shirt which is white with the above pink and black Shark Girl image and logo on it which is available in sizes small, medium, large and x-large. Price is $20 and $5 domestic shipping or $10 international shipping. Send payment to:

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Daffney has added yet another cool rare new item for bid on e-bay, a 19×24 poster from a WCW tour of Germany which features an array of top stars including of course the Scream Queen herself along with David Flair! You can have the poster autographed personally for you if you are the winning bidder.

These e-bay auctions all help in financially supporting Daffney after her car accident in replacing items such as her ipod, cell phone, video camera, etc. So please bid if you can and also, some of Daff’s fellow wrestlers like Velvet Sky are taking donations for her, send cash donations to via paypal and Velvet will send them along to Daffney!

Also please note: Daffney has noticed a guy selling pirated copies of her 8×10’s on e-bay and is making money from basically ripping her off, so please all of you REPORT this guy – click  here to go to his page and report him! Thanks.

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Daffney has added 4 new items up for bid on her e-bay page. The first is a size XL glow in the dark I Scream 4 Daffney t-shirt which comes with a free signed 8×10 of Daffney. The second is the green tiny top hat she wore in the infamous Lockbox Showdown segment on TNA where she was forced to do a striptease and it also comes with free signed 8×10. Then we have the vinyl black lace up platform boots she wore in the Knockouts Xmas photo shoot which also comes with free Daffney trading card and signed 8×10. And last but not least is the Daffney 19×24 poster featuring the photo of her that is last on the above image, it comes autographed personally for the winning bidder!

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Daffney posted the following on her official Facebook page the other night ago:

Monday night I was in a car accident. I was driving along I-4 and I hydroplaned at 70 mph, went off the road, and my car flipped. I landed upside-down in 3 feet of water. I was able to climb out of the passenger side and waded to safety. Luckily someone saw and stopped to help. It took 2 1/2 hours to tow my car out as it was wedged deep in the ditch in the woods. Thank God I had my
seatbelt on. If I hadn’t I’m sure my injuries would have been much worse…if not fatal. I want to emphasize to all my Daffanatics to please remember to buckle up.

I cannot explain the feeling I had when I realized what had happened. When I saw my totaled car the next day at the junkyard it really hit me. I’m so grateful to be alive. Now, I’m just trying to pick up the pieces and get things back to normal.
I lost a lot of things that night. As I landed in so much water – my phone, ipod, video camera (with all the bonus footage for Shine 2), some clothing, and some other things were destroyed. They are all material objects and can be replaced, however it is going to cost a pretty penny.
I will be auctioning off quite a few items in the near future to try and make up for this loss, so please check out ebay in case you see something you like and want to bid.
Thanks for letting me share this unfortunate incident with you guys, and thanks in advance for the love and support.

Live LOUD (but be careful driving in the rain)

I am so glad Daffney is okay and wasn’t seriously hurt in the accident. She has been through a lot the past few years and so thank God she is alright and I am sure all her Daffanatics well wishes to her since the news came out about this is helping and much appreciated. I will be posting updates with links to all her e-bay auctions so you can guys can support Daffney financially by bidding on her items.

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Daffney has put up another cool new e-bay auction, the items up for bid this time are the white and red cut-off Shark Boy top she is wearing in the photo to the left and also the black and green boy panties she has on in the second photo which are both from the same TNA Shark Boy/Lucha Mask photo shoot! The winner will also receive a signed 8×10 and TNA Daffney trading card and if you would like you can purchase the Shark Boy mask featured in the right photo on Daffney chest for an extra $75!

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Above is a video of Daffney, Christina Von Eerie and Santana Garrett on the TV show Daytime which aired on Wednesday morning. They were being interviewed about the new all-female SHINE wrestling promotion which airs it’s first iPPV at 8pm EST TONIGHT! Go to and order it now if you haven’t already done so! BTW doesn’t Daffney look absolutely amazing and stunning?!