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Daffney is a professional wrestler who made her debut in the business for WCW in December 1999. She has worked for TNA, WCW and many Independent promotions such as SHIMMER, ROH, XPW, ACW. She is also known as The Scream Queen, Zombie Hot and the Goth Goddess. Daffney currently works for SHINE wrestling on iPPV.

13 Dec 2013 | SHINE 15 iPPV
Ybor City, FL - SHINE 15


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Solo Darling w/Daffney (dressed as Shark Girl) def. Su Yung

Nikki Storm def. Nikki Roxx w/Daffney after Mercedes Martinez interfered.

(For images of Daffney and the other girls from SHINE check out the free galleries at Slammin Ladies via the below link, SHINE 14 images will be added soon. Also have a look at the images taken by the photographer “Mammoth”)

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Hey everyone, thought I’d explain why the website was lying not being updated for months. Well it was several reasons, personal issues making me extremely busy was one of them but also loosing my log in details and getting no response from the websites host but finally got them and logged in today to do an update. Plus you will have noticed the sites gallery is down well that is because the gallery host has removed all it’s websites for some reason and despite me e-mailing them numerous times they never replied to me to explain what has happened. So any volunteers who want to work with me to open a new Daffney gallery please contact me at and we can work something out! Until then I will do other updates that I can other than gallery ones intil things get sorted.

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Nikki Roxx w/Daffney def. Leah Von Dutch via pinfall with the Barbi Crusher.

Mercedes Martinez def. Solo Darling w/Daffney via pinfall with the Fisherman’s Buster after a low blow behind the ref’s back, but right in front of Daffney.

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Daffney released the following statement about resigning as live even hostess for SHINE and applying for her managers licence:

An Open Letter to you all ~

Last spring when I first got together with Sal, Howard, and Lexie about forming a new Womens Federation I cannot tell you how exciting it all was. To be a part of a revolutionizing product from the ground up has been such a fullfilling project and I am so proud to watch it soar. BUT – and it’s quite a big but – it seems as though things have changed in my absence from the locker room.

From early on I found myself a little disheartened by some of our athletes’ attitudes. Throughout our first year, quite a few of the ladies on our roster have shown a lack of good sportsmanship and have been very disrespectful to myself, SHINE management, and the other women that work for our company. And it all came to a head at SHINE 9.

I have sat idly by for months now as I get microphones slammed into my chest  and dissed by some of these rookies coming in. The final straw – after interrupting Legacy Awards and Legends recognitions since our debut show – Mercedes Martinez ruined Nikki’s birthday celebration and literally left cake on my face. Well, no more. I do believe it’s time to get my hands dirty.

It’s time to step away from Event Hostessing – maybe even commentary. For now I feel I can be of greater use ringside and in the locker room. I have applied for my Manager’s License and fully intend to straighten out these “ladies” if it’s granted. Wait til they get a load of me.

Live LOUD,


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Daffney’s almost 2 year legal battle against TNA has been settled out of court. The legal battle stems from serious injuries she sustained while working for the company, such as the ones she endured during 2009’s Bound For Glory PPV.

Court documents claim that Daffney’s medical bills exceeded $26,000, but TNA initially only offered to pay $600. The bill was eventually settled by TNA over a year later, but for less than the original $26,000. It is alleged that TNA’s attorney in Texas urged the company to delay the payment in order to settle for a smaller amount.

The settlement was reached in a mediation session, just before a hearing on the case was to take place. The hearing would have addressed whether to pursue a separate case about Daffney’s TNA employment. That dispute centered on whether she was classified as a TNA employee or an independent contractor.

Daffney posted the below message on Twitter about the lawsuit:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the love and support over the past two years. I appreciate so much that you recognize the HUGE injustice that is being done to Professional Wrestlers throughout the industry. I hope my case has opened up a few blind eyes and maybe now we, the wrestlers who put our bodies on the line every time we step in the ring, are one step closer to being provided with medical coverage and all the benefits that go along with being a true employee and not an independent contractor.”

Well done Daffney, I am proud of her for taking the fight to TNA and standing up for her rights.

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Daffney has put 4 new items up for bid on her e-bay page. First item is an official SHINE 4 poster which is in mint condition and signed by EVERY member of the SHINE 4 roster including of course Daffney herself and other top stars. Second item is a 2 pack TNA action figure set of Daffney and Dr Stevie which will be personally signed by Daffney for the winning bidder. Third and fourth items are signed 8×10’s same as the third and fourth photos seen in the picture above this post (from 2 hot TNA Knockout photo shoots). So head over to e-bay and get bidding for a chance to win any of these great items!

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Candids of Daffney from SHINE 6 are now uploaded to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Hey you guys! Had something really shitty happen a few weeks ago. Took my MacBook to the “Genius Bar” to update my operating system and they ended up wiping it clean. I lost everything :( So, I turn to you Daffanatics – if anyone out there has anything with me in it (ANYTHING) would you be so kind as to send me a copy:
235 W. Brandon Blvd #230
Brandon, FL 33511

Thanks in advance,

Okay so the sort of things Daffney is looking for is copies of DVD’s/videos she is in like from Indie promotions such as WEW, XPW, ACW, etc etc or of things like Wrestling Vixxxens. Photographs of her…basically just anything Daffney related all put on to discs so she can have it all archived on her computer again. I’m sure loads of you out there have a ton of that sort of thing, so help a sista out and send it along, please and thank you!

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Just in time for Christmas, Daffney has put up 2 cool new items for bid on E-Bay. First item is a 2-disc DVD called Daffney’s Double D’s which features custom matches of Daffney taking on such opponents as ODB, Francine, Rain, Traci Brooks, Bobcat, etc and will come with a signed 8×1o. The second item is a 19×24 signed poster of Daffney as can be seen in the image on the right hand side, this photo is one of her best from a TNA Knockouts photo shoot with Lee South. Happy bidding Daffanatics!

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Christmas is a time for giving, so what better time to give a little somethin’ to our amazing Scream Queen by checking out her Amazon Wishlist and buying her a gift from it? Maybe buy her a new outfit from the list and see her wearing it at one of the SHINE ppv’s?

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